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High Quality Rugs at an Affordable Price

Laurel Mountain Rugs is a specialty retailer located in Pennsauken, New Jersey. We started out furnishing vacation homes and short term rental properties. We realized rug prices were insanely high so we began purchasing bulk inventory from stores going out of business around the world. We sort through them, still use some for our needs, and list the rest here for sale in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area.  Our staff can work with you to find rugs that fit your needs or we can open up our warehouse for private showings. 


Below are some products we use ourselves and recommend to all our customers. They are all under $20 and available on Amazon. Shop with confidence on Amazon as we've tested these products and use them regularly. While your order will be placed on Amazon, you always have the support of Laurel Mountain Rugs

To Keep Your Rug From Moving
To Keep Your Rug Looking New
To Keep Your Rug Smelling Fresh
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